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The Bold and The Beautiful

Posted on November 1, 2010 by HFN Staff

Lamontage, the Zen Vortex Rainbow design from Liora Manne. lioramanne.comLamontage, the Zen Vortex Rainbow design from Liora Manne. lioramanne.com

By Andrea Lillo

A rainbow of colors are on tap at this month's High Point Market, as oranges, blues, and other hues find themselves center stage at the show, the last of the year for many manufacturers. And designs will be hard to miss as well, with some being based in tradition, but colored in trendy tones for a statement piece for the floor. Other looks hit a range of transitional and modern styles, using overscaled patterns, nature, and geometrics.

As price points remain an issue, manufacturers will continue to expand their products at the lower end, and which includes the use of polyacrylic fiber.

With so much pattern and color coming down the pipeline, the consumer has a lot of great design to look forward to.