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Aspenhome Interacts with Consumers

Posted on December 9, 2010 by HFN Staff

PHOENIX-Aspenhome's new interactive web pages help retailers attract consumers to their stores by giving consumers decorating tips and incentives to ignite their desire to purchase.

"Research shows that when consumers have a question the Internet is their number one resource to find their answers," said Renee Loper, Aspenhome director of marketing communications. "Our goal for 2011 is to create micro-campaigns to educate consumers, help them find the answers to their questions and then direct them to retail to make their purchase. These micro-campaigns, available to our retailers, will provide fresh and relevant content on their websites. We also plan to promote the micro-campaigns online via social media, e-zines, and blogs."

The first in the series of micro-campaigns, 15 Tips To Get Your Guestroom Ready For Holiday Guests, http://www.aspenhome.net/CompanysComing, challenges consumers to find the 15 hidden decorating tips in the Aspenhome Centennial bedroom scene while listening to festive music.  As the consumer scrolls over parts of the photo, she can click on the areas that contain the tips.