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GuildMaster's Amazing Race Contest Heats Up

Posted on October 6, 2011 by HFN Staff

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-The GuildMaster Amazing Race contest is in full swing and the company's Facebook fans are getting in on the action by naming which cities they think should be on the winning trip.

The "race" started on Sept. 6 and ends on Friday, Nov. 19. For each $1,000 in product purchased by a retailer or sold by a sales representative, one entry is earned so that the chance to win increases with the value of the orders. The contest ends when five finalists in each group are pulled from the entries. The following week, on Black Friday, Nov. 25, one winner in each group will be drawn from the five finalists. Each of the winners will receive either two tickets for a dream trip around the world visiting nine cities or $10,000.

To identify the favorite cities, GuildMaster on Tour Facebook fans are invited to name their chosen cities and post photos on www.facebook.com/guildmasterfurniture. The leading cities to date are: Sydney, Barcelona, Rome, Moscow, Monaco, Bora Bora, Amsterdam, Milan, Buenos Aires, and the Shanhai Pass in China where part of the Great Wall is located.

The GuildMaster Amazing Race will set the tone in the GuildMaster showroom, C&D Building Suite 1A at the High Point Market, with internationally themed foods, music and videos as well as travel giveaways.