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Holiday, Floral to Expand for Jan. Atlanta Market

Posted on November 29, 2011 by HFN Staff

ATLANTA-The Holiday & Floral/Home Decor center in Building 1 of AmericasMart will gain additional momentum during the Gift & Home Furnishings Market in January with a large number of new exhibitors, expansions and showroom relocations.

Among the new exhibitors are Farrisilk, Full Pot Flourishes, NaturalStar Inc., PEMA Woodcarvings, Salzburg Creations, Inc., Seasons 4 Lights, PMJC, Inc., Roofian, Inc., Si Lucia, Tony International, Inc., Stony Creek Designs, and TAG Christmas Building.

Expansions and relocations include Alexander International, Building 1 20-C-17; Border Concepts, Inc., Building 1, 17-B-1; Fantastic Craft, Inc., Building 1, 18-A-14; KD Vintage, Building 1, 20-A-16, 17;

Knud Nielsen Co., Building 1, 18-C-4; Larksilk, Building 1, 17-C-14; Melrose International, LLC, Building 1, 17-C-11; Seasons Designs, Building 1, 16-E-8; Transpac, Inc., Building 1, 19-D-10; Unlimited Containers, Building 1, 19-A-6; Kurt S. Adler Co., Building 1, 19-E-20; Christopher Radko Co., Building 1, 16-E-5,7,9; The Creative Connection by Teters, Building 1, 18-E-20,22; Maxsilk, Inc., Building 1, 19-E-22; Flora Bunda, Inc., Building 1, 19-E-15; GCA, Inc., Building 1, 19-A-4; and GSC, Inc., Building 1, 19-E-13.