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L.A. Mart Announces New Showrooms, Expansions

Posted on December 21, 2011 by HFN Staff

LOS ANGELES-L.A. Mart has released a list of new showrooms, expanded showrooms, lease extensions and relocated showrooms for next month's California Gift Show.

The new showrooms are Dosvella in room 871, Home & Beyond in room 851, India Handicrafts in room 354 and Simono Design on the 12th floor. FEM Sales expanded its showroom space in room 372. Among those that both expanded their showrooms and extended their leases are Fine Lines, Roost by Fine Lines in rooms 448-449, 470-473 and 469; Remembrance/GRACE by Catherine Sullivan in rooms 326-334; and Stephen Young in rooms 838-839.

Other lease extensions include Flemming-Chalef in rooms 846-847, Joanne & Co. in rooms 339-341, Lillywhite's in room 372, Lynn Mitchell Group in rooms 856-862, Madden Corp. in room 309 and Show Room Marketing Corp. in room 450. Intrada Imports, rooms 872-873, both extended its lease and relocated its showroom. R.P. Brooks & Son both expanded and relocated its show space, now in rooms 1209-1212.

The California Gift Show will take place from Jan. 18-24 at the L.A. Mart and the Los Angeles Convention Center.