Blog: Hot Housewares Previewed in NY

Mrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake Muffin PanMrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake Muffin Pan

NEW YORK-More than 40 new and established housewares vendors showed off their newest wares for the holidays at a media event hosted by the International Housewares Association here.

Among the offerings: Baby Brezza spotlighted Formula Pro, an appliance that prepares formula bottles for babies. The Formula Pro measures and mixes water and powdered formula to about 98 degrees in temperature, using patent-pending technology ... The Folding Proofer, which prepares a wide variety of fermented foods, is new from Brod & Taylor. The Proofer is designed with a spacious low-temperature heating enclosure and prepares bread, yogurt, chocolate and other fermented foods, and then closes flat for easy storage ... TeleBrands is celebrating its 30th anniversary in business this year, and appeared at the event with a variety of new product launches. One of these is Perfect Polly, a motion-activated electronic parakeet that chirps and shakes her tail feathers when someone walks by ... One-year-old Love Cooking Company employed a license with Mrs. Fields to produce several innovative bakeware pieces, including the Mrs. Fields Brookie pan, which bakes a cookie inside a brownie; the Mrs. Fields Cool Bake, which has a cooling rack built into the baking sheet; the Mrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake Muffin Pan, which allows you to bake two different cupcake or muffin recipes at once, resulting in half-and-half combinations; and the Mrs. Fields Sto-N-Go, a plastic carrying device with adjustable shelves and a removable handle that can tote cookies or other bakeware and double as a food storage container ... Handle Hands Branding created Handle Hands, heat-resistant grips that lock onto cookware or casserole dishes for easier handling ... The Cookware Company launched its I Love Cooking collection of ceramic non-stick pans designed for particular food categories such as meat, eggs and fish. A differentiated textured cooking surface allows for easy release of the designated food ... One hundred-year-old Acme International's Acme Kitchen Gear division showcased Vintage Gear, sturdy tools reminiscent of the ones Grandma used; Silicone Gear, a line of brightly colored silicone tools with a flexible, stainless-steel core for added durability; and Steel Gear, a line of Italian-made cooking tools and pans ... Zuna Enterprises is a brand-new company that created Frego, glass food storage containers wrapped in a cushioning, removable silicone sleeve.