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Bodum Design Wins Protected Status in Australia

Posted on August 18, 2011 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-Bodum recently won an Australian trademark-infringement suit that protects the design of its Chambord French Press Coffee Maker.  The distinctive shape and features of the Chambord French Press are now protected against copies in Australia, according to the company, the result of an Australian court decision.

"We are thrilled that our company has won such a significant court case in Australia," said Thomas Perez, president of Bodum USA, Inc.  The Chambord is the original French Press and we are proud that its distinctive shape is considered to be in the same category as the Coca-Cola bottle.  This case has set the precedent for us and will help us to further protect and distinguish our designs and products from cheap knock-offs and imitations."

Last week, an Australia appeals court ruled that DKSH Australia Ltd., a unit of importer-exporter DKSH Group, broke the Trade Practices Act by importing and selling a copy of the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press, overturning a trial judge's decision.