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Capresso Debuts Cleaning Solution

Posted on November 17, 2011 by HFN Staff

The Capresso Cleaning SolutionThe Capresso Cleaning Solution

CLOSTER, N.J.-Capresso has launched the Capresso Cleaning Solution to help maintain the quality of Capresso espresso machines, coffeemakers and electric water kettles.

The new formula reduces the buildup of lime scale and other impurities that can affect the beverage, thus improving the performance of the product, without leaving any residue or damaging the internal components, according to a Capresso statement. The user mixes one packet of the Capresso Cleaning Solution with 32 ounces of water and pours it into the machine's water tank. Then the user runs a brewing cycle through the machine without coffee, followed by a rinse of the tank with fresh water and two more cycles of fresh water through the machine.

The Capresso Cleaning Solution comes in boxes each with three cleaning solution packets, and is priced to retail at $12.