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Casabella Partners with Joshi for Cleaning Products Design

Posted on May 1, 2013 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-Casabella has formed an alliance with Jeannie Joshi of Joshi Designs to launch a new graphic pattern for sponges, cloths, mops and brooms.

The striped pattern, which Casabella chose from a mood/trend board Joshi prepared, features bright and bold color combinations of electric green, orange and purple. Joshi said, "This pattern works particularly well on small, rounded surfaces. Saturated, high-spectrum/HD colors will appeal to millennials as well as other demographic groups."

The design is being used on several existing and new Casabella products, including cellulose sponges, bamboo cloths, mops and brooms for the company's Artist collection. It has been slated to replace the company's Keith Haring licensed collection. A Casabella statement said products with the new design have begun to appear at retail stores and online retail sites worldwide.