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Escali Launches Mixing Bowl Scale

Posted on September 13, 2012 by HFN Staff

The Taso Mixing Bowl ScaleThe Taso Mixing Bowl Scale

MINNEAPOLIS-Escali Scales is introducing an all-in-one mixing bowl and digital scale that is designed to simplify baking and cooking. The Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Scale will weigh anything by weight in scale mode, or switch over to one of the volume modes to measure the most common baking ingredients by volume.

"We want to combine the best of both worlds, the familiar method of measuring by volume, such as with cups, with the accuracy of measuring by weight," said Theo Prins, president. "The volume

measuring and all-in-one mixing bowl design creates a unique product for retailers to promote during the upcoming holiday season."

"The convenience of the Taso is what will drive sales. You can measure and mix ingredients all in one bowl," said Jane Wegand, vice president of sales for Escali. "It eliminates the need to dirty a separate mixing bowl and measuring utensils, which saves time and minimizes clean-up."

The Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Scale is available now and currently features five color choices: apple red, blueberry, blackberry, orange, and kiwi green.