Fagor Cuts Price of Portable Induction Cooktop

Posted on July 26, 2012 by HFN Staff

LYNDHURST, N.J.-Fagor America has reduced the price of its 1,800-watt Portable Induction Cooktop from $199.99 to $149.99.

The move is intended to make induction cooking "more accessible" to U.S. consumers. Sara De La Hera, Fagor America's vice president of sales and marketing, said, "Induction cooking is still a new concept for many people, and we needed to produce a unit that is cost-effective and also takes the mystery out of induction cooking."

The Portable Induction Cooktop provides seven power-level settings, enabling the cook to reach his/her desired cooking levels faster and more accurately in a brief amount of time. The settings are "melt" (140 degrees Fahrenheit), "warm" (160 degrees), "med low" (180 degrees), "med high" (200 degrees), "boil" (212 degrees), "sear" (360 degrees) and "stir fry" (390 degrees).

Other features include two "quick-launch" buttons that quickly take the cooktop directly to "boil" or "warm," and a built-in, countdown digital timer that ranges from one minute to nine hours.


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