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Hampton Forge Debuts Paring Knife Collection

Posted on December 22, 2011 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-Hampton Forge has unveiled a series of printed paring knives, a vibrantly colored collection of resin-coated stainless-steel knives with three repeating fruit patterns.

"Our printed pairing knives are user friendly and ergonomically designed so multi-generational families can experience the comfort of cooking together regardless of age," said Suso Balanza, vice president of sales for Hampton. "You can never find enough paring knives when prepping for a meal. Our unique printed patterns make a fun fashion statement - but they also help users identify which knife is theirs and importantly designate which knives were used for what - keeping the jalapeno knife from the mushroom knife for instance."

The printed paring knives come in a six-piece set of three knives with blade guards and are available through mass retailers. The patterns include red tomatoes with a red comfort handle, green apples with a green comfort handle, and citrus orange with an orange comfort handle.