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Housewares Wrap-Up: Mastrad's Orka Shears

Posted on April 10, 2010 by HFN Staff

Orka Multi Purpose Kitchen Shears do more than traditional cutting--though they do that as well.

Designed to handle a number of kitchen chores at one item, these shears can also be used as a nutcracker or a can/bottle opener. The blades also come apart so the chef can use one as a knife for thin slices or as a vegetable peeler. And when not in use, the shears can be placed in a case that can be placed on the refrigerator, so they are never far away or lost in a drawer.

"Orka's Multi Purpose Shears offer the customer a true value with seven features in one, plus a magnetic case for convenient storage," said Vanessa Rozanoff, Mastrad's national sales manager. "We are excited to bring another solution based product to the Orka line, offering everyday functionality."

Available in May, they are made of INOX, TRP and polypropylene. In a trendy purple and black colorway, they will retail for $12.

Cracking nuts is only one of the many chores the new Multi Purpose Kitchen Scissors can handle in the kitchen. mastrad.us