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KitchenAid Debuts Facebook Recipe Tab

Posted on April 4, 2013 by HFN Staff

BENTON HARBOR, Mich.-KitchenAid has created a new recipe tab on its Facebook page, allowing home cooks to search recipes by appliance, available ingredients, courses and occasions.

Currently, the recipe tab contains more than 300 recipes from well-known chefs and food bloggers, and a new featured recipe is posted every other week. Facebook members can also submit and share their own recipes by using the Community Recipes application, which brings an interactive element to the tab. Members submit a recipe form and upload a photo of the dish.

Other features of the tab are the My Recipes section, where members can build their own collection of favorite dishes pulled from the recipe tab; and the My Uploaded Recipes section, which keeps track of each recipe they have shared with the community. Members can also download, print and share recipes through other social-media channels, including Twitter and Pinterest.