Lifetime Launches Customizable Kitchenware Program

Posted on September 8, 2011 by HFN Staff

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.-Lifetime Brands has launched Ideate, a web-based application that allows retailers to customize a private label kitchenware line that will, according to Lifetime, cut months off the design process, save time and reduce costs. The program also simultaneously streamlines and coordinates packaging and point-of-sale displays.

Ideate offers more than 300,000 design combinations for handled and non-handled kitchen tools and gadgets, enabling buyers to build exclusive kitchenware. The program takes into consideration such elements such as comfort, durability, style and performance The program also details the cost and design process so good-better-best price point programs can be created.

"As the industry leader for kitchenware products, private label product design is an important part of our corporate focus," said Dan Siegel, executive vice president. "The development of Ideate is a major breakthrough in private label programming. In the same way a car can be customized by personalizing details, so can a line of kitchen tools and gadgets. From the curves of the handles to the colors, materials and finishes, our designers can work with a customer to quickly bring to life hundreds of thousands of design options to create an exclusive private label program. Ideate reduces design and engineering time by 50 percent, which is a tremendous feat that takes private label kitchenware development to the next level."

Jason Poure, vice president of Spark, the advanced design division of Lifetime Brands, said, "There are three critical parts to creating a unique brand identity. First is product design, then point of sale and displays, and finally packaging. All of these things are combined within Ideate to make the design process more efficient and engaging for our retail partners. And this is only the beginning. Ideate will continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace."