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Mastrad Gets a Makeover

Posted on April 11, 2012 by HFN Staff

LOS ANGELES-Mastrad has a newly designed logo and product packaging to reflect the company's roots.

The new logo combines the signature "tomapple" symbol with the Mastrad name and "Paris" very clearly labeled, signifying where the products are created. Product packaging has also been redesigned to make items more visually appealing and identifiable, the company said.

The new packaging offers a clean, modernized look with windows and three-dimensional holograms that show the items in action. To make usage and features that much clearer, every package will now have main consumer points of interest labeled on the front, with detailed instructions and images on the back. Descriptions and product names appear in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

"In addition to wanting to create a universal look for our brand that represented our vision and dedication to providing quality, stylish culinary necessities, we took customer and retailer feedback into account to make for an overall attractive presentation that we hope will make all the difference when purchasing from our line," said Mastrad CEO Mathieu Lion. "A definite improvement, we look forward to slowly converting all products to this new packaging and logo and hope that current and potential customers like the changes as much as we do."