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Oral-B Debuts App for Improved Oral Care

Posted on September 20, 2013 by HFN Staff

Oral-B, Crest Start Oral-Health

CINCINNATI-The Oral-B toothbrush brand has launched the Oral-B App, a digital tool for toothbrushing routines.

The application offers automated activation of a brush timer through recognition of the brush motor sound (dentists recommend that individuals brush their teeth for at least two minutes), a timer function with a quadrant guide for even and thorough cleaning throughout the mouth, a statistics function that charts brushing sessions in weekly and monthly views to keep track of progress, brushing instructions and oral health tips. It provides visual feedback that is intended to support users in following dentist-recommended oral-care routines. It also has a content feed with calendar events, news, weather and oral-care tips to sustain the user's attention for the entire two-minute session.

Stephen Squire, global marketing director for Procter & Gamble Oral Care, parent of the Oral-B brand, said the app is intended to help users quantify and visualize the quality of their toothbrushing. Using the data from the app, individuals "can feel more confident about their oral-care regimens," Squire said. "We like to call it 'a personal trainer for your teeth.'"

Users can visit the Apple store for more information about the app, or to download it.