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Wusthof Adopts Internet Badge Program

Posted on February 22, 2013 by HFN Staff

NORWALK, Conn.-Wusthof has partnered with Channel IQ to launch its "Authorized Retailer Badging Program," an effort designed, the company said, to protect the brand from unauthorized, third-party re-sellers on the Internet. IQ monitors brand name products and prices on the Internet and provides online retail intelligence to retailers and manufacturers.

The new authenticity program consists of a specially designed small badge (which includes Wusthof's logo) that cannot be duplicated, to communicate the Internet retailer's legitimacy as an authorized retailer. The customized badge includes the tagline, "Verified by Channel IQ" to alert consumers that authorization is confirmed by a credible third party.

"We're encouraging all of our Internet retail customers to participate in this state-of-the-industry authorized badging program," said Todd Myers, vice president of sales at Wusthof-Trident of America. "This distinctive, and easy-to-implement badging initiative delivers the exact tool needed by our Internet customers to validate their authenticity, effectively protect themselves from unauthorized, third-party sellers, and build valuable trust and brand loyalty with consumers visiting their sites."