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Carpenter Debuts Redesigned SleepBetter.org Site

Posted on June 12, 2012 by HFN Staff

RICHMOND, Va.-Carpenter Co. has launched its redesigned website, SleepBetter.org, which combines the company's consumer education programs and tools for improving sleep.

The new site includes intuitive site navigation, social sharing tools and an improved design for search engine optimization. Among its new features are an interactive "Dr. Lisa Shives, the Sleep M.D." section; a media room with information, images and quotes; a social-media hover bar that keeps all of SleepBetter's social-media sites accessible in a fixed location at the top left of the site on all content pages; integration with the Zzzz Score application; fly-out navigation tabs, which help site navigation without the visitor leaving the front page; "bread-crumb" navigation, which shows visitors that their navigation trail is; social-media feeds that give content from Facebook and Twitter more visibility; a prominent call-out box highlighting the most recent article posts; and increased searchability for visitors seeking information on a specific topic.

Dan Schecter, Carpenter's senior vice president of consumer products, said the site is "the center of Carpenter Co.'s year-over-year effort to encourage Americans to focus on sleep issues."