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Carpenter Launches Postcards from Pillow Promotion

Posted on July 23, 2013 by HFN Staff

CarpenterPostcardsFromPillowRICHMOND, Va.-Through its sleepbetter.org website, Carpenter has debuted Postcards from Pillows, a promotion intended to get shoppers engaged in the benefits of sleep.

Postcards from Pillows is a two-part effort that includes encouraging participants, through sleepbetter.org, to become "pillow parents" by answering their questions about their sleep habits. The "parents" then adopt pillow toys (birth certificate included) and take pictures of these pillows with their children, pets and families throughout the summer, which are then posted on the Postcards from Pillows gallery on sleepbetter.org.

In the other part, five of the pillow toys will travel 100,000 feet above the Nevada desert on JP Aerospace balloons on the afternoon of Sept. 22, just before the opening of the September New York Home Fashions Market. According to Dan Schecter, Carpenter's senior vice president of consumer products, there will be a live satellite feed of this launch online and at the company's New York showroom during market.

"Sleepbetter and Carpenter Co. lead the bedding industry in new delivering the sleep message in new, ground-breaking ways," Schecter said.