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Fabrictech Unveils New Website

Posted on June 24, 2011 by HFN Staff

CEDAR GROVE, N.J.-Fabrictech International, the producer of mattress and pillow protectors, has launched a new website at fabrictech.com.

The new site is designed to make it easier for consumers and retailers to search through the company's products. It includes tools that sort the products by specific areas of health concern--dust mites, allergens, moisture and bed bugs--and provides general information about each of these concerns.

It also has a "Virtual Protection Assistant" that leads consumers to a series of five specific questions covering each health issue. When the site visitor answers these questions, the virtual assistant leads him or her to product recommendation to address the issue.

The site also spotlights the Pure Care Wellness and Allergen Protection systems, Fabrictech's trademarked health and wellness protection products featuring the Celliant oxygenating system, which is designed to reduce pain, speed healing and improve the quality of sleep. The Pure Care Advanced Antibacterial Silver Protection system is also highlighted.