Blog: Something to Crow About

Housewares ShowTop-to-bottom: Chanticleer by Bonjour; Aladdin's Mason food storage jar; Home Essentials' Country Chic collection

CHICAGO-Roosters are rising in the pecking order as a tabletop motif.

The feisty fowls never really go away as they're a kitchen staple, but at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago this week, roosters made their presence known (as roosters are wont to do) in several dinnerware presentations including those at Certified International, Cuisinart and Bonjour. Roosters also showed up on glassware at Bonjour and graced Mason jars at Home Essentials.

Speaking of Mason jars, I thought they would be on wane after making a big splash at the show last year. Boy, was I wrong. You couldn't walk down half an aisle of McCormick Place's South Hall without seeing multiple incarnations of the iconic canning jar: they came with handles for drinking or straws for sipping. They were enlarged and used as beverage dispensers and canisters. They were marketed as storage systems or caddies for flatware. They were made of clear glass or painted nearly every color of the rainbow. They sported licensed designs for children.

Roosters and Mason jars are part of the growing farm-to-table trend, which in tabletop would probably be more accurately described as the "farm table" trend. Updated rustic motifs have taken hold. And that's something to crow about.-Allison Zisko