Trends | Just Chillin' | August 2013

Ice is HOT as ice cube trays and accessories have exploded into a plethora of sizes and shapes. These items make summer's heat and humidity easier to handle.


  • Product Specialities
    Product Specialties: In a set of 8 one-inch stainless-steel cubes, the reusable Hard Ice from the Final Touch brand has a tray and tongs to make transferring cubes from the freezer to the glass easy.
  • Harold Import
    Harold Import: The HIC Cocktail Ice Ball Tray from Harold Import is ideal for making trendy sphere-shaped ice cubes or even cake pops.
  • Black + Blum
    Black + Blum: This playful polar bear from Black + Blum is not only cute to look at, but because it is sealed, it will prevent the ice cubes from absorbing the odors and crumbs of the other foods in the freezer.
  • Teroforma
    Teroforma: Now in black, the Whisky Lover set from Teroforma includes two mouthblown, dishwasher safe Avva tumblers and six Whisky Stones beverage cubes.
  • OXO
    OXO: The OXO Good Grips No-Spill ice cube tray has an innovative silicone lid that seals water into the tray and keeps it from spilling, allowing it to be stored in any position in the freezer.
  • Trudeau
    Trudeau: Take a gamble with these ceramic diamond- and dice-shaped Drink Chillers from Trudeau. Stain- and odor-resistant, they won’t dilute drinks. Set of six with a storage bag.
  • Fred & Friends
    Fred & Friends: From Lifetime Brands’ Fred & Friends, these Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers combine ice and stirring into one groovy guitar, perfect for jazzing up one’s favorite beverage.
  • Silicone Zone
    Silicone Zone: Diamond Ice Molds create a perfect delivery system for popping the wedding question or adding sparkle to an occasion or event.