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Customer Loyalty Program

Posted on April 29, 2010 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-Macy's will expand its customer loyalty program to include consumers who pay for merchandise with credit cards other than Macy's cards, according to Peter Sachse, the company's chief marketing officer.

Speaking at the Issues and Solutions Conference held by Emmanuel Weintraub Associates here this morning, Sachse (who also serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Macys.com) said the program will become "tender neutral" in the next two weeks. The program involves presenting an assortment that will be more "customized"--in other words, tailored more to individual consumer needs. This will include increasing the number of versions of its catalog, again tailored to information on transactions garnered from consumers. Sachse said the most recent catalog issued by Macy's came out in nearly 7,000 versions.

Sachse also said the department-store retailer is making increased use of its Web site and of social-media sites, including the release of Webisodes featuring celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Donald Trump, to drive sales increases.

The goal of the new version of this program is to increase business from both loyal and non-loyal customers, Sachse said. "Our loyal customers tend to spend as much as six times more than those who we consider non-loyal," he said. "We're hoping that including other credit-card customers will both increase spending by loyal customers and making our non-loyal customers want to be loyal customers."