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Target Sets Store Openings in Canada

Posted on July 13, 2012 by HFN Staff

MINNEAPOLIS-Target has released a confirmed list of stores it plans to open across Canada next year.

The mass merchant acquired the leaseholds of about 220 Zellers stores in Canada last year, thus establishing the springboard for its entry into that market. According to a Target statement, the company plans to open from 125 to 135 stores north of the border starting in March and April of next year. The schedule laid out in the statement calls for the opening of 24 stores in Ontario in March-April 2013. During spring of next year, Target also plans to open 10 locations in British Columbia, 11 in Alberta and three in Manitoba. Summer 2013 will bring the opening of two stores in British Columbia, two in Alberta, three in Saskatchewan and 13 in Ontario.

In fall 2013, 18 Targets will open in Quebec, along with four in Ontario and three in Nova Scotia. In winter, six stores will open in British Columbia, two in Alberta, one in Manitoba, nine in Ontario, seven in Quebec, one in Nova Scotia, three in New Brunswick, two in Newfoundland and one on Prince Edward Island.

Tony Fisher, president of Target Canada, said construction has already begun on the first set of stores. Each store will close from six to nine months for the renovations, which are expected to cost more than $10 million for each location.