Blog: The Best Invite I Got All Week

The InviteThe Invite

I am the fortunate recipient of many lovely invitations to industry events, but I have to say a recent Waterford invite really caught my eye. Actually, it continues to catch my eye because its lenticular design presents a different image depending on the angle from which you are looking at it, so every time I get up from my desk I see either a flash of diamond-shaped crystals or the twinkle of an elaborate crystal chandelier.

The Waterford event, called "Live a Crystal Life," will introduce the Waterford Interiors program of mirrors, lighting and select furniture pieces. The celebration takes place in Manhattan in early December, but the collection will officially launch worldwide in April in targeted locations.

I don't have many details about the program yet, but it appears to be an effort similar to those undertaken by high-end crystal companies like Lalique and Baccarat, who have tapped the interior design world as a potential growth area.  Waterford executives were excited about the launch when they mentioned it during the recent New York Tabletop Show, and if the expense and consideration that went into the invitation is any indication, it will be a well-funded and carefully executed program that can take the crystal company in lots of exciting new directions. - Allison Zisko