Blog: A Mustache Moment

I have no idea why mustaches are so popular or how they came to be trendy but there's no denying that mustaches are IN.

I'm talking about images of mustaches on products, not actual facial hair. At first we at HFN were skeptical about how mustaches, which we saw on novelty items, could possibly translate into home products but sure enough, they do. I only had to walk down one aisle of Accent on Design at the New York Gift Fair yesterday afternoon to see mustache designs in several incarnations - on aprons and dec pillows and children's onesies from Lil' Fishy; on pillowcases from The Rise and Fall; and, in a tabletop aisle, Icon Whiskey Stones, featuring three different types of mustaches on three different soapstone beverage cubes. Undoubtedly there will be more to come from the other upcoming trade shows (I saw a few on plastic tumblers at an IHA media preview two weeks ago).

Go figure. But they're harmless fun, and they definitely make you smile when you see them. The traditional handlebar mustache is my personal favorite. - Allison Zisko