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IHA Honors Designed Defined Products

Posted on March 30, 2011 by HFN Staff

ROSEMONT, Ill.-The International Housewares Association has designated 36 products for cleaning and organizing the home as 2011 Design Defined Honorees.

The companies that received recognition for their products were a.b.m. Canada, ABM Group, Bramli, Brazilian Plastic Institute, Butler Home Products, Casabella, Clear Choice Housewares, Delta Design, Design Ideas, Ecker Enterprise, Elevate Brands, Full Circle, Instabol, Like-it Co., Little Giant Ladders/Wing Enterprises, Neat-Oh! International, PD Worx, Play S.A., Progressive International, Racor, Replenish bottling, Rolser, Sandpiper Distributing, Sinko, The Onecare Co., Travelon and Umbra. The winning products were chosen by Design Finders, teams of young designers, practitioners and educators from the University of Illinois-Chicago's Interdisciplinary Product Development Program.

The Designer Finders teams evaluated products based on innovation, aesthetics, how the appearance of the product benefits the user, how the product is ecologically responsible and how did or might the product affect the market and the company's business.