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Lifetime Introduces Quality Management App

Posted on June 21, 2013 by HFN Staff

Lifetime QM toolLifetime QM tool

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.--Lifetime Brands has developed a quality management tool that it believes has the potential for "revolutionizing the industry."

A new proprietary software application called Lifetime QM is a digitized, real-time portable tool that standardizes factory and product inspections and provides inspectors with instant access to information and corrective actions. It runs on iPads, which enables it to be mobile.

"Lifetime QM offers cutting edge technology," said Cliff Siegel, executive vice president of Lifetime's global supply chain. "The potential for revolutionizing the industry is tremendous."

Lifetime designed the patent-pending user interface from scratch with custom-tailored features built directly into the application. The proprietary software measures performance, records results, and identifies issues. Lifetime QM currently has inspection plans for over 16,000 items.