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Rogaska to Launch Celebration Line

Posted on October 5, 2012 by HFN Staff

Celebration crystalCelebration crystal

NEW YORK-At next week's Tabletop Show Rogaska Crystal will launch its new Celebration line, with an affordable price point aimed at younger consumers.

The collection is designed to appeal to a younger generation through the use of accessible packaging which includes a QR tag that takes you directly to the product purchase page. Furthermore, "easy care and an education in longevity for the product" is clearly displayed in a "no nonsense approach," the company said.

"The market is changing and as a company we must move with the landscape of the consumer world, and we feel Celebration Crystal really is the next step in crystal evolution for an aspirational market," said Bostjan Leskovar, president of Rogaska. "The quality and esteem remain inbuilt in the new collection but we are offering a lifestyle at an accessible entry point for a wider market."