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Hickory Springs to Open R&D Facility

Posted on August 22, 2011 by HFN Staff

HICKORY, N.C.-Hickory Springs, the manufacturer of components for furniture and mattresses, will open a research-and-development facility here by December.

Measuring 30,000 square feet and titled the Corporate Innovation and Testing Center, the facility will have the majority of its space dedicated to controlled laboratories. These will be designed to test products for the automotive, commercial-transportation, health-care, government, telecommunications and home furnishings markets. It will also include showrooms and conference rooms where customers and vendors will work on new products, programs and services.

Veteran Hickory Springs executive Brad McNeely has been promoted to the newly created post of vice president of new product development, and will oversee the operations of the new center. He will also work alongside Mike Simmons, who was recently named vice president of new market development, to increase customer interaction and the integration of new product and business development.