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Malene B Launches Transitions at ICFF

Posted on May 21, 2012 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-Brooklyn-based carpet designer Malene Barnett is debuting her new collection Transitions with her company Malene B at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, which ends tomorrow. Known for being globally inspired, Malene B uses embroidered textiles of Mexico, the spirit-based sculptural art of Sri Lanka and the first language of Ethiopia as some of the influences for this new collection. She's showing in booth #2553.

"Each piece is individually handcrafted, modern and world culture-influenced and created to make the owner's environment stylish," said Barnett. "For example, the pattern Amharic is inspired by the native language of Ethiopia and unites graphic characters in an abstract composition, while Chiapas celebrates the intricate embroidered textiles of Mexico. These carpets are perfect for the discerning buyer, textile aficionado or simply anyone desiring to make their interior space beautiful."

The nine patterns are Amharic, Batik, Body Art, Maya, Chiapas, Moonstone, Ndebele, Hmong and Granada, and are available in custom colors, sizes and shapes. The suggested list prices for the company's H450 handtufted, semi-worsted New Zealand wool start at $79 per square foot, 100-knot Nepalese-Tibetan wool starts at $99 per square foot, and 100 knot Nepalese-Tibetan wool/silk starts at $119 per square foot.