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Simmons Debuts "Smart" Mattress

Posted on May 19, 2014 by HFN Staff

Web page for the ComforPedic iQWeb page for the ComforPedic iQ

ATLANTA-Simmons has unveiled the ComforPedic iQ mattress, which the company described as its "smartest" and most innovative mattress yet.

The ComforPedic iQ is designed with Smart Response Technology, which is designed to help people fall asleep faster and experience increased REM sleep. The technology continually calibrates and naturally adapts to an individual's body weight and position to provide more personalized support. Meanwhile, the mattress' Ultra Cool Memory Foam is designed to regulate temperature for a comfortable night's sleep, Simmons said in a company statement.

The ComforPedic iQ comes with the endorsement of Dr. Andrew Weil, spokesman for a variety of health topics and founder of the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. "The ComforPedic iQ is the only mattress I have ever endorsed," Weil said. "I believe in this product's clinically tested technology and ComforPedic iQ's mission to help people achieve a better night's sleep as part of a healthier lifestyle."