Pacific Coast Feather, 37.5 Partner on Bedding

Technology adjusts to the body’s need for warmth or cooling
September 28, 2015David Gill

pacificcoastfeatherlogoBOULDER, Colo.-Pacific Coast Feather Co. has formed an alliance with 37.5, developer of technical performance clothing, footwear and sleep systems, on a collection of bedding that uses the 37.5 technology.

The technology uses natural particles that both attract moisture vapor and absorb the infrared energy the human body naturally emits. The particles act as sensors that respond to the body’s needs for warmth or cooling. It constantly adjusts to the body’s micro-climate to keep a person comfortable for the entire night, according to a 37.5 statement.

The statement added that 37.5 is not a chemical treatment. The particles are permanently embedded in the fiber and will not wash out. In addition, 37.5 bedding uses less energy to dry than traditional bedding, reducing energy costs and dryer time by 22 percent, the statement said.

“37.5 technology has revolutionized comfort and performance in outdoor and athletic apparel,” said Dr. Gregory Haggquist, 37.5’s founder and chief technology officer. “Now, with Pacific Coast’s expertise and commitment, we are poised to do the same with bedding.”


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