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Bespoke Global Debuts Website for Home Furnishings

Posted on May 17, 2011 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-Bespoke Global, an online marketplace for internationally sourced, bespoke (customized) home furnishings, has opened for business.

The new site, created by Bespoke Global's founder and CEO, Gwen Carlton, will offer a marketplace for these products and a platform that will enable designers of bespoke furnishings to communicate directly with consumers. Located at bespokeglobal.com, the site will seek to benefit both designers and consumers by raising awareness of custom home furnishings, and by granting access to site members to artisans and the bespoke process.

As part of the launch collection, bespokeglobal.com will feature the work of artists such as Michael Coffey, O'Hare & D'Jaffer, Brian Fireman, Andrew DeWitt, Sean Feeney and David Ebner. Among the product will be bedding and linens, fabrics and hand-forged copper candlesticks.