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Carpenter Launches ErgoSmart Line of Mattress Toppers

Posted on December 5, 2012 by HFN Staff

The Carpenter ErgoSmart logoThe Carpenter ErgoSmart logo

RICHMOND, Va.-Carpenter Co. has debuted a line of mattress toppers employing the Isotonic ErgoSmart trademarked technology.

The technology, which was developed at Carpenter's Reinhart Technical Center, involves foam nodules that move in four directions, thus providing continuous support and comfort no matter the movement or position of the sleeper. These toppers are also designed with the trademarked Cool Channel Ventilation technology, which disperses body heat and thus keeps the toppers cool. Another ingredient of the toppers is IsoFresh, a trademarked chemistry that neutralizes odors.

The rollout of the ErgoSmart line at retail has already begun and will continue into the New Year.