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New Titles for Top Execs at S. Lichtenberg

Posted on August 23, 2010 by HFN Staff

NEW YORK-S. Lichtenberg & Co. has given new titles to its top executives.

Richard Lichtenberg has been named chairman of the board, the same title his father, Alan, held until his death in 2003. Michael Lichtenberg has become president, taking the title held by his father, Herbert, until his death last October. Scott Lichtenberg, also Herbert's son, has been named chief operating officer, a newly created position. Previously, all of the Lichtenbergs were vice presidents.

In addition, Carl Goldstein, senior vice president, has been elevated to vice chairman. Scott Goldstein, vice president and Carl's son, has been named executive vice president. Both of these titles are new positions with S. Lichtenberg.

According to Michael Lichtenberg, the job responsibilities for all of these executives remain the same.