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Wool Event Focuses on Home Furnishings in New York's Bryant Park

Posted on September 28, 2012 by HFN Staff

The wool bed in Bryant ParkThe wool bed in Bryant Park

NEW YORK-"Wool Uncovered," an event spotlighting the use of wool in home fashions, took place yesterday in New York City's Bryant Park.

The event was conducted by The Campaign for Wool, an organization that promotes an increased use of wool in a variety of products, which has received the support of Great Britain's Prince Charles. The organization turned the Bryant Park lawn into a sheep-grazing meadow and turned the park's Fountain Terrace into a wool salon, with carpet and a wool bed. The park's trees featured art made from wool, and other wool products appeared in other parts of the park.

"Wool Uncovered" also presented talks from representatives of the fashion and interiors industry, including interior designer Steven Gambrel; Nick Sullivan, fashion director of Esquire magazine; and Alan Eckstein, co-founder of Timo Weiland.

A statement from The Campaign for Wool said more than 250 U.S. brands have lent their support to the organization. These include manufacturers of floor coverings and upholstery.